The Purpose  of   HEALING - K.I.S.S.

- as stated 12 years ago - was and is

  to help me and my potential P E E R s 

"to HEAL ourselves into WHOLEness,

and - by extension - all of CREATion!"
Intro to Healing-K.i.s.s. 2001-2013
and Overview of its main libraries

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I focus my experiencing and awareness on being
"a   pioneer of  Evolution  in  learning  to  feel":
I let my Body vibrate and my Heart 'womb'

pain, shame, fear, boredom, powerlessness,
so feelings can >heal >guide>fulfill
and ~~~ offer ~~~"goldmines"~~~ to us all!!
"I want you to feel everything, every little thing!"



K.I.S.S. - L O G    2 0 0 8
Keep It Simple Sweetheart

"AZ NIDBERU" - My new Midrash and song in 5 languages
about the prophecy of Malachi 3, 16
["YHWH" is named "HA-SHEM"= The Name]

Then those who see Ha-Shem, will talk among each other,
and he listens      and he hears

yatakaalamuna     allathina     yarau'na-hu ,
va-yusri        va-yasma'

Dann die IHN schauen, werden reden miteinander,
und er lauscht      und er hoert

Puis ceux qu'ils voient Ha-Shem, se parlent l'un a l'autre
il entends,        il ecoute
It seems that I chose 26 actors for my life's drama and those 26 actors chose me! One common trait of all roles is "mutual dependency" between them and me.
With 16 actors - my family - the mutual dependency is life-long! With my landlords at Arad & with my 6 starchildren,
born between 1986-88, it may be temporary.
My children: Immanuel, Ronnit, Micha; my children-in-love: Efrat, Uri, Ra'ayah; my 10 grandchildren [born 1987-2005): Elah-Alon-Tomer-Mika; Jonathan-Rotem-Yael-Itamar; Arnon-Ayelet
My landlords: Ofir & Meital+ Lior (2002) & Amit (2005). My starchildren: Lior Oren, Zipi Winkler , Dina Strat , Meshi Taib, Gal Mor, Boris Arons [26=YHWH=13+13=ahavah+ahavah =

Intro to k.i.s.s.-l o g + all dates


January 7 / Tevet 29, Monday, - updated on January 7, 2009 - the day of Anna Meyer's funeral (see at the end)

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7:20 I just improved the translation of the song of 2007_01_25:
[this song, too, seems to be part of the prophecy about Anna's death a year later,
for the bells which I hear in my imagination, when I sing, are those of Anna's village...]

Oh wie wohl ist mir am Abend, mir am Abend,
wenn zur Ruh die Glocken klingen,
Glocken klingen,
Bim-Bam, Bim-Bam

Oh wie wohl ist mir am Morgen, mir am Morgen,
Wenn ich erwach' ganz ohne Sorgen,
ohne Sorgen,
Amen, Amen, Amen

Oh how lovely is the evening, is the evening,
when the bells are softly ringing,
softly ringing,
Bim-Bam, Bim-Bam

Oh, how lovely is the morning, is the morning,
when I awake there is no worrying,
is no worrying,
Amen, Amen, Amen



How does this go together with the following image of a dream before waking up?:
I lift my mattress and find a young yellow scorpion + a young white worm attached to it!
Under the mattress? Still denials? Still judgments?
I FEEL definitely free of denials, please help me to become aware of delusion!
and on my daughter's birthday I have taken another step in releasing judgments!

Later - at the end of half an hour talk with Immanuel - he said:
"Just before we left for Hongkong we discovered a big worm in Mika's anus"...

[And a third time, see at the end!]

They had come back late at night, after a flight of almost 12 hours.
"Mika was merry and creative the entire time, never cried even once!"
The togetherness, the bonding, was marvelous during all the 75 hours,
and Mika would have preferred to stay in the hotel room all the time.

"Shall we go to the playground?" "No!" "Shall we stay here?" "Yes".
At home she wasn't pleased to go to sleep in her own room,
it was so much better to sleep in one room with Abba and Imma.
But, being the sensible girl she is, she is quick in accepting facts.
When they came to the airport of Hongkong,
and the family had to separate, since Abba had to go to the cock-pit,
Mika asked:
"Efo Immanuel?" instead of "where is Abba?"
She does this often with me, calling me "Rachel" or even "Racheli",
instead of "Satta"
And nobody knows, where she learnt the second term for aeroplane.
"abba tass [flies] be-matoss", instead of "abba tass be-aviron".

When we talked, 8:25, Mika & Efrat were already in kindergarden and at work,
while Immanuel was on his way to his army reserve service flight,
which he is obliged to do several times a month.
[Is this too a prophecy?
For a year later, on January 2 and 3, and in the night from Jan. 4-5 , he became part of the war machinery,
flying over the enemy's area- with the main aim to prevent Israel's soldiers from running into traps and being killed.]

Back from the swimming and singing in the pool
I switched on 3SAT, as I use to do when preparing my porridge,
so as to get a glimpse "into the world today".

The talk was about a new staging of
Friedrich Schiller: Wallenstein, Ein dramatisches Gedicht
which plays in the Thirty Years' War in the 17th century.
We read it at school and I often quote one immense insight in it:

"Nur auf dem Felde da ist der Mann noch was wert",
sung by a soldier on guard:
"Only on the battle-field is the man still of value!"

I thought of this quote again,
when I listened to the program about Osama bin Laden:
they told about the enthusiasm of young Muslim boys,
to sacrifice themselves as suicide bombers.
I know, that in their situation I would do the same,
having no other chance to feel my own worth...

But what I now heard during the few moments,
that the TV was open,
was a quote, which I hurried to type:

"Fuehr ich die Tat zuende , nur weil ich sie gedacht?"
"Shall I carry out the deed to its end, only because I thought of it?"
Again I was thinking of the actors in yesterday's theme,
especially the kings of Saudi-Arabia
and the presidents of the United States.
There unbelievable stupidity and catastrophic decisions
can only be understood,
if they are indeed actors in the drama of history,
history of the entire planet...

Wallenstein, copperplate engraving without date

Friedrich Schiller 1760-1805 [image from a movie]

"Wär’s möglich?
Könnt ich nicht mehr, wie ich wollte?
Nicht mehr zurück, wie mir’s beliebt?
Ich müsste die Tat vollbringen, weil ich sie gedacht?"

Wallenstein glaubte, den Lauf der Geschichte beeinflussen zu können,
nun muss er feststellen, dass sie ihn beherrscht.

Wie Büchners Revolutionäre in "Dantons Tod"
erfährt auch Schillers Wallenstein
die alles zermalmende Maschinerie des geschichtlichen Vollzugs, in der

"der Einzelne nur Schaum auf der Welle,
die Größe ein blinder Zufall,
die Herrschaft des Genies ein Puppenspiel ist -
ein lächerliches Ringen gegen ein ehernes Gesetz,
das zu erkennen das Höchste,
es zu beherrschen unmöglich ist."

2009_02_01- Lutz Goerner told one of the "Whisper-Jokes" of the Nazi-period:
Während der deutschen Besetzung Frankreichs tritt ein Deutscher in das Abteil eines Zuges von Paris
nach Köln, grüßt mit Heil Hitler den einzigen französischen Fahrgast, der mit Bonjour antwortet, und
setzt sich auf diese Brüskierung hin ärgerlich nieder. Bald darauf entdeckt der Deutsche, dass der
Franzose Schiller liest. Jetzt beschließt er, Rache zu nehmen, und sagt ironisch: "Aha, unseren
deutschen Dichter Schiller lesen Sie also, aber Heil Hitler können Sie nicht sagen!" Darauf antwortet
der Franzose: "Wieso, Schiller ist doch ein internationaler Dichter." Der Deutsche erstaunt, und sein
Gegenüber erklärt ihm: "Ja, sehen Sie, er hat für die europäischen Völker geschrieben, für die
Engländer Maria Stuart, für die Spanier Don Carlos, für die Italiener den Fiesco, für die Tschechen
W a l l e n s t e i n , für die Polen Demetrius, für die Schweizer Wilhelm Tell, für die Franzosen die Jungfrau von Orleans."
Da wird der Deutsche ungeduldig und fragt: "Ja, und was denn für die Deutschen?" Darauf sagt der Franzose ruhig: "Die Räuber."


But my association to "Fuehr ich die Tat zuende , nur weil ich sie gedacht?"
was first of all to the pattern, with which I'm determined to cope this year:
the obsession to carry out, realize, manifest my ideas of creating on this site.
This alone has not yet been included in my path of bravery,
the bravery of having been able to let go
- time and again -
of every grand idea,
which I began to realize towards my vision of
"The Conditions for Partnership between Jews and Arabs",
and of my vision of
Peace through Desert-Hosting-Economy.

[I was reminded of it, when yesterday some Swiss entrepreneur told about his idea,
to develop a certain forsaken desert area in Oman, I think, through desert tourism,
but of course he thought of a kind of hotel, ----light-years away from my vision...]

See this last phrasing in February 2005


Back to the quote as I heard it:
I'll quote it to myself,
whenever I feel trapped in my obsession
of creating on my computer, what I thought of in my mind:

"Fuehr ich die Tat zuende , nur weil ich sie gedacht?"


While looking for links to the Dead Sea images in the library of Noah's Shore,
I actually had the strength to read one diary again, the last one, of the 12th week.
So much pain, exterior hardship with storms and sand and loosing my cell-phone,
triggers between me and people,
and most of all despair of myself and of the impossibility of communication.
There are some great images on that page, after all,
and a link to my work in "Family Constellation"
, see the official site
which connects me to Margret's highly relevant story,
and then an insight, just as relevant in my castle in Arad,
as it was relevant - in 2004- in my cave at Noah's Shore:

I must just be myself , here on Noah's Shore,
create what I feel like creating and enjoy.
Then people will find their own way in their own time

If words are needed,
I should heed Max Liebermanns' definition of painting:

"Malen ist weglassen ", "Painting is to leave out".

Like a Japanese painting
or like "Succah in the Desert":
What's important is what is NOT there.

" I must let go of this heartbreaking struggle.
It cannot be won.
I must write and say only
what I enjoy saying or writing in a specific situation.
Not for any purpose, vocation, not for communication.

"az nidberu yir'ee YHWH ish el re'eehu
va-yaqshev YHWH va-yishma'

Bible, Maleachi 3, 16
Then those who fear YHWH will talk among each other,
and YHWH listens and he hears."


And then the happy ending on that page about the 12th week (February 2004) on Noah's Shore:
The quartet - as usual - demonstrated, how Heaven on Earth will look like.
Here they sing to a slide-show which Arnon had created to a beautiful children's song about "what I love":

"I love chocolate~~~ I love the moon and the sun~~
I love mummy and daddy and my sister and grandma,
but most of all I love MYSELF
- akh hakhee harbeh ani ohev oti."

I remember a scene in a Stuttgart tram, on the way home from highschool,
Each of us pointed out which girls in our class she loved
and which she couldn't stand.
Imagining the order in which we were seated in class,
each one also encountered herself on the bench.
Not one of us said: "Myself I love, of course!"
Each of us said:
"Myself I don't love, of course."
It would have been a shame to claim otherwise.

So there is a change in the world...
And tears well up as I write this.

May the embryo position of Christa-Rachel Maryam Bat-Adam,
which Tamir wanted me to stage in a cave he discovered,
remind me, that loving myself the way I am now,
is all I need to learn and be on Noah's Shore....

y e s h ! - i t i s !

And yet another page - The Future of Noah's Shore - got my patient attention
[I've an almost unsurmountable resistance against opening myself to my past creations,
fearing all the lack of completion, fearing all the shame of having "failed"....]

"Aren't you dreaming all the time,
how everything will look like on Noah's Shore?"

This was the question of my grandson Arnon (7), who lives my dream with me.
Not by chance he is called Arnon,
like the river which flows into the Sea from the Jordanian side,
exactly opposite Noah's Shore.

For some time I wondered, why
- except for the cave, the sulphur spring and the pathes up and down -
the dream doesn't manifest as fast as "Succah in the Desert",
or the Pyramidion in Sinai.

May this first spring flower next to my cave, on March 2, 2004, symbolize,
that the timing of the manifestation of Noah's Shore will be perfect.




My own vision aside,
my feeling and thinking is still "busy" with some pieces of info,
which keep coming back to me from yesterday's TV theme.
For instance:
Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud, who gave Saudi-Arabia its name,
had succeeded in uniting the tribes of the Arab peninsula
after centuries of warfare between them.
He married a woman from each tribe,
that's how he came to have 41 sons,
part of them became kings after him.
Today each of the multitude of princes has a multi-billion income.
Each day 600 sheep are being slaughtered,
just in case, that somebody would want to eat something.

Worse than that:
When Sadam Hussein attacked Kuweit between August 1990 and February 1991,
and the Americans showed the Saudi King satellite photos of Sadam's approach to his borders,
the King didn't rely on his own army,
nor did he accept the offer of Osama bin Laden,
who had a well trained army of partisans, trained in the fighting against the Sowjets in Afghanistan,
to drive away the invaders.
Instead he invited the Americans to help him.
And they came with 550 000 soldiers,
and they stayed!
They stayed with their Christian, Jewish and female soldiers.
They stayed with their drinking and their "Christian symbols" like Santa-Claus.
They broke the heart of Osama bin Laden
They broke the hearts of millions of other Saudis and Muslims...



Back to today's coincidences.

First: about worms again!

By chance I needed a break from working on kisslog
and saw part of "Nano", a daily program in 3SAT,
which informs about events in science,
and at the end they announced the issue of tomorrow,
showing a disgusting image of worms:
"learn, how worms will help to treat allergies!"

Of course, now I can't help remembering my own experiences with worms:
the disgusting ones coming out from my body as a child,
coming out from my childrens' bodies, though those were small,
and now coming out of Mika's body,
and the "scientific experiment" I made in "Succah in the Desert":
I drove all the way up, with the Succah's pickup, to Kibbutz Dovrat,
and picked up 5000 earthworms, almost one by one.
I followed the advice of Nir Gur,
who later did a week of survival training in the desert with our team.
He said: "Earthworms have so much protein,
that you could nourish the entire continent of Africa with their help,
and , of course, they make very good compost."

Because of that "future of food for Africa"
I started with making compost for the Succah.
An interesting process with the team,
but a total failure with the worms.
And when winter came and a torrent of water ran through that place,
I couldn't even save the worms from drowning....

Before remembering this hope about "food for Africa",
I had intended to report another - sad - coincidence:
While preparing my supper, I heard the news in 3SAT,
and there - about the trial in Den Haag - of the former president (?) of Liberia,
not for all the atrocities in his own country,
but for those in neighboring countries, especially in Sierra Lione.
I wasn't focused, when I heard the name of this country,
but thought: "How come, I've never heard about atrocities in Sierra Lione."

"Haven't you???" said some angel, "I'll show you.".
So, a little later, when I searched for the story about the boy with the socks
I opened puzzle piece 42: Victim and Perpetrator,
and what do I see - as an introductory image and story?

Amputees of the Civil War in Sierra Leone
[The specific page is no longer there,
but I found its homepage, which
"documents issues and geographical areas which are under-reported,
misrepresented or ignored ]

The family Sumilia
from Palawan.
Mamina Sumilia, Michael's sister -
"One man sat on top of me and said,
'I am the hand of god,
you have lied against him
and for that you will be punished.'
He put my hand on a stone
and hit it with the axe.
He cut it in half."

Ami Sumila, Mamina and Michael's mother -
"The rebels chopped of my hand.
The commander told me to laugh about
what they had done to me.
If not they would kill me.
So, I laughed as loud as I could."




Transferred from yesterday's K.i.s.s.-Log, since that one had become too crowded in content and to "heavy" in pixels.

In 3SAT - the 6th of January, the feast of the "Three Kings" in Christian countries -
was dedicated to one theme: the Arab Peninsula.
Probably, because the "East", where those Kings saw the Star of Bethlehem, was that Peninsula.
Though I felt, that I should acquire all the info, which I could glean from this theme,
I preferred to create on K.i.s.s.-L O G , and only zapped in now and then,
or chose a program, which I deemed especially important.

The first thing I saw - with pain - was, how camels are treated.
Camels are very sensitive, "I always think they want to say something", said somebody,
and another told, how he makes songs for his camel and sings them while racing with it.
It reminded me of the DVD I received last year - about "The Camel's Tearsl"..
[See the song which created itself following the mongol tune in the movie - on Oct. 17, Oct. 19 and Oct. 24- ]
Camels hate racing, but Arab men are addicted to racing.
So what did they invent? a robot-whip, tied onto the back of the camel,
to be monitored by the cellphone.
The documentary didn't judge, but neither did it spare me the details ,
of how and by whom this robot is being further and further "evolved"....

Of course, there was much about the struggle of women for becoming equal,
but what was shattering for me,
was the info about the history of Saudi-Arabia
and the involvment of the USA in it.
It was never bluntly said, but always clear,
how the governments of these two nations created and keep creating
the reflections of their fears and their judgments.
Just one example:
After the bombings in Nairobi in 1998,
Clinton officially declared Osama bin Laden as America's greatest enemy.
Neglecting the banale physical law that what you fight against - you strengthen,
he was the one who made this unofficial man,
"this soft-spoken, modest, humble man"
[who even as a child did not care for the wealth of his family except for helping people,
and who disabled the aircondition in his car, etc. etc. . in order "to be like other people"]

the icon of all Arab Muslims,
the great hero, who channeled all their frustration and found an outlet for it.
It was midnight, when I heard someone saying:
that it wouldn't matter, if bin Laden would be dead or alive.
He is no commander any longer, Al-Qaida has its independent camps everywhere,
and the one responsible for the practical part of the terror-attacks was the Egyptian Eiman ? anyway.
But bin Laden has united the Arabs as one nation,
has given them self-esteem.

I remember puzzle piece 27: Movement of Lost Will
and the prophecy about "Red",
the - mostly Arab - nations:

Maryam, 2002/03/04

"Movement in Red": Terror acts in Israel day after day.
Yesterday a "terrorist", who was NOT a suicide bomber,
aimed at a roadblock and shot dead 7 soldiers and 3 civilians.

From Interview 4 with God

"I have spoken of the coming of some major shifts
in the ways of blue in manifestation
Soon it will no longer be possible
for the power positions on Earth
to keep at bay the terror held in the lower chakras.
And this is especially true in red.
You have already experienced the beginning of red's awakening.
And when red really begins to move,
all Hell will break loose here.
And this will be good,
although it won't seem so to most humans.
Body, including all of Creation,
will be transformed in the process
of opening of the survival chakra of Creation.
I have already spoken of this
in my letter to those doing the healing work,
and so has Body and Original Spirit
in discussing the opening of another dimension."



Having looked through such an enormous telescope,
I hurry back to my microscope, to a closeup of my nano-assignments:

(1) Washing my laundry:
This needs to be done only about every 6 weeks or so,
the pretext this time were the sheets, used by my guests.

Ofir, my landlord, lately brought a big washing-machine.
A friend of his bought a new one and said,
the old one was still alright.
Ofir brought it to my veranda, where it still "disturbs".
He wanted to exchange the small one,
which he had installed in my shower-room,
when I rented this flat in Ofir's house in Dec. 2004.

I wasn't pleased with the idea:

"It's true, the small machine has a bug,
but I can handle it,
how can this big machine be squeezed in?
But if it is important for you, I'll try!"
He said: "I'll first see, if it's really working!"
I was sure, he would spare me the trouble.
He is one of the nicest men on this planet.
And, indeed, when I saw him 2 days ago,
after I had brought my guests to the bus,
and said:
"Now I'm free to deal with that machine!"
he answered: "It's not working well!"
"Isn't it?" "no!"
and after a pause:
"You are pleased, aren't you?"
I smiled - relieved...

My washing mashine open and closed.
When I rented the furnished flat, I had no expectation, that I would have a machine.
Ofir himself didn't believe, that there would be room for it. So I showed him.....


(2) Cleaning the Veranda
This, too, has to be done only once in 2 weeks,
this time, because there was a little rain Friday night,
and in such a case the car of Ofir and Meital,
which has its parking lot on one part of the veranda,
leaves dirty traces on the floor.
So I used the water, in which I washed two sweaters by hand,
to sweep the floor.
How clean and lovely is it to look at it and walk over it!

This was the "drive-way" into Ofir's parking-lot on my veranda
in January 2005, a month after I "settled" here.
Now see, what beauty grows on the empy fringes of the "drive-way" today!

This image, too, connects now to Anna: see her sitting among her flowers (see below)

(3) Searching for my socks
This has happened for the first time in my life,
and I'm a bit sad about it:
I don't lack socks - I keep inheriting them,
for instance from Micha, who gets them on long flights in planes.
But I owned one pair, for which I would give away all the others.

I always wear sandals the entire year through,
except sometimes in January.
Yesterday it was so cold, that I didn't take off the socks,
which I wear inside the house.
With socks in sandals I went to the pool.
When undressing I should have put them in my backpack.
After my digital player and a pair of glasses had been stolen in July,
I always take my backpack - with the cellphone-camera-player - inside the pool hall.
But who would steal socks?

I put them under the heap of my clothes and when I came back to dress,
I forgot about them, walking home in sandals with naked feet.
At home I needed them rightaway,
despite my little electric heater it is not very warm in my room.
How come, that I didn't see the socks where I left the clothes?

So today I inquired. The cleaning woman had not seen them.
It was clear, that someone had coveted them,
maybe for the same reason that I was so fond of them.
About 80% of all swimmers are old Russian immigrants.
Maybe, one of those old grandmas was reminded of her youth...

Because that's what those socks meant for me!

Painful and joyful memories:
I learnt to knit at the age of 6 and soon knew how to knit socks.
This is more difficult than knitting a sweater!
Since there was no wool after the war,
I had to take apart old socks and the threads often were torn.

One day a neighbor came and asked me to knit socks for her son.
The wool was all bits and pieces which I had to knit together,
a disgusting job.
I was sitting outside in the sun, while the other children played.
They mocked me: "grandma, grandma".
Because that was, what grandmas did in olden times: they knitted.
When I was done with those terrible socks,
I asked my mother;
"What should I ask for this?"
She gave me a bad advice: "Be modest and ask for an egg!"
That woman had a garden and hens.
So I got an egg.

There is an even sadder end to the story,
which has to do with the boy for whom I knitted the socks,
but I told it already in pp42 Victim and Perpetrator.

The joyful memory is attached to the socks I lost:

It was Anna Meyer, an old peasant woman, who knitted them.

She lived - and, maybe, still lives - at Wolfartsweiler,
the village to which we were evacuated from March 1944 to December 1946.

At that time I didn't know her, I was a child and she was a young girl.
But when contact with the village was resumed about 1953, when I was 15,
I was invited to spend a holiday in her family, help her with the children,
work on the fields and in the cowshed, everywhere where help was needed.
She had problems with her husband, who gambled.
She cried, and I was with her, comforting her.

Again - contact was resumed sometime in the eighties -
and when I wrote from "Succah in the Desert",
how exhausted I was, she invited me - again for a holiday.
She was so happy, that she could talk with me about everything.
And she gave me these socks, which she had knitted herself.

I wore them in winter through all my wanderings .
And, of course, I had to repair them.
But they were still my favored socks.
And they made me think gratefully of a human being,
who loved me unconditionally.


In 2002, before there was "Skype",
her children suddenly let me see her on my screen.

"I miss you!"

1953 - I, Christel, with my sister Ursel,
and Anna's kids at that time, Albert and Hubert.

1993 - I, Rachel, with Anna, typical in her apron

2002 Anna, - 76 - surrounded by her daughters and granddaughters


Addition on January 7, 2009
Anna died on my daughter's 44th birthday, on January 4, 2009.
On Kiss-Log January 4, 2008 I find a photo of my daughter at the grave of our mother.
On the date of this page .... Anna is being buried by her children and grandchildren
How come that exactly a year ago I lost Anna's socks
and used my grief to sculpt a composition in her honor?

Hallo Christa,

wir wünschen Dir und Deiner Familie ein gutes und vor allem gesundes neues
Jahr 2009.

Für die Familie Meyer hat das Jahr zunächst auch gut angefangen,
am 4.1.09 ist jedoch Deine Anna gestürzt
und hat sich dabei tödliche Verletzungen zugezogen.

Angelika (älteste Tochter) hat morgens um 9 Uhr noch mit ihr telefoniert.
Gegen Mittag hat Albert (ältester Sohn) bei ihr angerufen.
Es hat aber niemand abgehoben, deshalb ist er zu ihr nach unten ans Haus gelaufen.
Dort hat er bereits durch die Glas-Eingangstüre gesehen,
dass jemand/etwas hinter der Tür liegt.

Er ist daraufhin durch die hintere Tür ins Haus
und hat seine Mutter im Blut liegen sehen.
Bis zum Eintreffen des Notarzt haben sich Angelika, Verena
(jüngste Tochter von Angelika) und Albert um Anna gekümmert.
Sie hat noch flach geatmet, aber ein Puls war kaum/gar nicht spürbar.

Der Notarzt hat an Ort und Stelle noch reanimiert
und sie haben Anna dann mit dem Rettungswagen ins Krankenhaus gefahren.
Dort oder auf dem Weg dahin ist sie jedoch gestorben.

Heute und morgen, am 7.1.09 um 18:30 Uhr (MEZ) ist Rosenkranz.
Am 08.01.09 um 14 Uhr Beerdigung
und am 10.01.09 um 18:30 Uhr ist ein Requiem in Wolfartsweiler,
bei dem auch gleich eine Messe für Reinhold (verstorben 13.01.2003) gelesen wird.

Anna hat immer gesagt, sie möchte nicht aus ihrem Haus und woanders hin,
vor allem nicht in ein Alters- oder Pflegeheim. Ihr Wunsch hat sich erfüllt.

Liebe Grüße
Susanne, Peter und Clara Zimmermann

2007: Anna mit Clara
(Tochter von Susanne, der jüngsten Tochter von Anna)

Anna , with whom I shared the love for gardens and gardening, sitting among her flowers in 2005.
Thank you for this picture, Anna, which represents you so well!

"Nowhere is one so close to God's heart as in a garden".



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October 2012, Mika's Festival of the Book
[the pupils are for the first time introduced to the Torah]

with her second trade teacher Meital,
the same as in first grade

Mika's father , during the Torah-Festival, also in second grade, 1971,
"Unser Yeshiveh-Bocher"...